Business scope: high-end battery connector wiring harness, high electrical wiring harness.

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Shenzhen ERAN Technology Co., Ltd, Is China head office, Yi RAN (HK) Industrial Co.,Ltd. for overseas business companies (JST Chinese dealers). Operating JST,MOLEX, AMP, HRS electrical connectors for more than ten years time JST, MOLEX,AMP, HRS required for global high-end appliance industry spare parts products,its brand for the global top ten, with well-known brands coexist globalappliance fields. Our distribution JST, MOLEX, AMP, HRS connector plug ismainly sold to well-known brands at home and abroad in supporting theprocessing enterprises within the China region, mainly for color televisionsets, washing machines, microwave ovens, toys, DVD, monitors, power in Chinavarious types of terminal connector and a motorcycle, automobile wiring harnesson the refrigerator, air conditioning, communications equipment, photocopying equipment supporting the use of a large-scale enterprise supporting thedomestic industry leading technology. Such as: Zhuhai Gree, Haier, Kelon,Midea, Panasonic, Sony appliances and so on.


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